Meshery Build and Release | Jan 11th, 2024

@theBeginner86 @Ripul.Handoo @Lee So we have 2 - 3 ish options to choose from (this probably applies to both build-and-release-edge.yml and build-and-release-stable.yml but we’d only see stable one fail when REST API Docs or GraphQL API Docs have changes when these workflows are triggered):

  1. Ensure we have a specific admin/robot account authenticating in Meshery Build and Releaser (edge) workflow AND modify our current branch protection rules as per step 6 > Sub-bullet 5 in Github / Creating a branch protection rule Guide:
  • Optionally, to allow specific actors to push code to the branch without creating pull requests when they’re required, select Allow specified actors to bypass required pull requests. Then, search for and select the actors who should be allowed to skip creating a pull request.
  1. Similar to #1, but instead of allow specific actors to bypass required pull requests we follow Step 16 of guide mentioned above to choose the admin/robot account in “Rules applied to everyone including administrators” > “Allow force pushes” branch protection setting AND add the push_options: '--force' argument to the “commit changes” github action

Optionally, under “Rules applied to everyone including administrators”, select Allow force pushes .

  1. Use github access token as git-auto-commit-action’s docs suggest (see GitHub - stefanzweifel/git-auto-commit-action: Automatically commit and push changed files back to GitHub with this GitHub Action for the 80% use case., we already do this in discussions-data-files-update.yml apparently)