Meshery Build and Release call meeting minutes (25th May 2023)

May 25th, 2023


  • Ashish Tiwari, Pranav Singh, Raj Aryan, Abhishek Kumar, Mario Arriaga, Senali Dilumika, Philip Obiora, Karan Thakur, Vivek Jha, Freedisch Thibaut,chandravijay Rai, Pranamika Pandey

Standing Agenda:


  • Meshery Playground not connected to Kubernetes cluster for all users
  • [Raj Aryan] Update KinD version to fix Failing KinD tests. #127
  • [Abhi/Freedisch/Gaurav/Mario] Cypress Tests Fixes on UI
  • [Mario] Understanding Cypress Retriability
  • [Freedisch] Improving test coverage for mesheryctl #7696
  • [Vivek Jha] ci update in meshery-linkerd #512
  • [Pranav] - Fix lint failure in meshery-istio adapter PR#582
  • [?] v0.7.0 Release Readiness -
    • Failures in Adapter compatibility tests
    • Missing Meshery server version
    • Missing service mesh version. eg: LinkerD adapter
    • Switch to v2 e2e-adapter tests
    • Latest Meshery server not being tested for most adapters

Post-meeting Action Items:

  • [Mario]: Create “Good first issue” issue for adding Meshery Test plan link and some guidelines for it for “Continuous Integration / DevOps - Improve or update workflows or other automation” issue template from template list: .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/
  • [calls for volunteer]:
    • Open issue for enhancing TestAdapter (linkerd) CI test runs output (failing “Pattern Apply…” step(s)) across adapter repos
    • Increase mesheryctl code coverage issue
    • Suggest better test management tool than current spreadsheet (Meshery Test plan)
  • [Any one interested]: Self-learn about Cypress Retry-ability and try creating/fixing cypress tests in Meshery repo - Cypress Retry-ability
  • [Pranav]: Create issue/PR for mounting ~/.kube/config to docker container
  • [Vivek] Switch to v2 e2e-adapter
  • [Pranav] Create issue for e2e adapter tests failures.
    • Istio Service Mesh component not registering
    • LinkerD CRD not reachable
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