Meshery Build and Release call Meeting minutes (23rd May 2024)


  • Uzair Shaikh, Christopher Kalule, Ibrahim Mbaziira, Jerod Culpepper,Akshay Sharma
  • Yash Sharma, Lee Calcote, Shlok Mishra, Kevin, Aadhitya Amarendiran, Tharun T, Pratiksha Sankhe, Rudraksh Tyagi

Standing Agenda:


  • [Akshay/Aabid/Rudraksh] Any updates on Playwright tests for Meshery UI

  • Migration from Cypress to Playwright PR#

  • [Jerod] Continuous Delivery setup to

    • Commits to master branch kicks off the deployment to staging playground.
    • New GitHub workflow needs to be configured.
  • [Sangram] CloudNativePG setup

    • How to use pg_cron with CloudNativePG?
    • Were you able to figure out how to configure it as standalone using MeshMap?
  • [Lee] Layer5 Cloud Deployment

    • Configuration options
    • Preferred strategies (Via Helm charts or docker compose)
    • Testing of the Layer5 Cloud helm chart.
  • [Uzair] Failed to add layer5 helm repo #5543

  • [Shlok] Mesheryctl unit test most of them are missing[No test files]
    Mesheryctl start docs and warning #10997

  • Linkerd Adapter tests are failing. Meshery Server and Adapter are communicating, however, Meshery UI might be invoking an invalid operation. Issue #567

  • [Uzair] Playground environment cleanup #10904