Meshery Build and Release call (28 Sep 2023)

September 28th, 2023


  • Pranav Singh, Daniel Kiptoon, Suruchi Kumari,Akshay Sharma, Parthib Datta, Aryan Sharma, Trevor Atwijukire

Standing Agenda:


  • [Rajdeep] Published WASM filters not shown on catalog website
  • [Philip] Playgright test in meshmap-snapshot
  • [Philip] Failing E2E tests on Nginx Adapter
  • [Philip] Fix for mesheryctl unit tests PR
  • Daniel Kiptoon -Failing test -meshctl end-to-end test
  • [Call for volunteers]
  • [Pranav] Published 5 new cloud native designs link
  • Hacktoberfest Event
  • Notes:
    • Move to kuttle for adapter e2e tests
    • Urgent issue: Not able to start meshery on docker host
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