Meshery Build and Release call (27th July 2023)


  • Pranav Singh, Freedisch Thibaut, Ananya Gautam, Gaurav Chadha, Vaibhav Maurya, Vivek Vishal, James Kinyua,Roshan Goswami, Saurabh K Singh

Standing Agenda:


  • [Vaibhav Maurya] - [Docs] Build and Release: Edge channel now includes versioned releases. #8049
  • [Subedy] Add a performance profile for a Istio crypto configuration #78
  • [Antonette] [Server] Meshery Adapter Deployments #8150
  • [Senali/Sudhanshu] Support for MeshMap-Snapshot across Meshery org
  • [Freedisch] Observability for playground #8194
    [Freedisch] Code refactor for Meshmap snapshot #40
  • [Freedisch] Archive Open Service Mesh Tests #83
  • [Pranav] Call for help:

[Pranav] - [CI] Update script #8209

For contributors who will be trying MeshMap Snapshot, here is a sample Helm Chart that you can use - and the link to start the GitHub connection wizard.

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