Meshery Build and Release call (24th Aug 2023)

August 24th, 2023


  • Pranav Singh, Mario Arriaga, Philip Obiora, Saurabh K Singh, Vaibhav Malik, Senali Dilumika, Swastik Gour, Roshan Goswami, Karthik Ayangar

Standing Agenda:


  • [Vaibhav Malik] Email on failure job fix #8578
  • [Freedisch] Observability for Meshery Playground
  • [Suhail]
  • [Philip] mesheryctl unit testing
  • [Philip/Ashu] Fix for code coverage reporting
  • [Call For Volunteers]
    • Failing: Deploy CNCF Playground / Update Meshery on CNCF playground link
    • Failing End-to-End tests for Meshery Adapters link
  • [Pranav] Fix mesheryctl release issue#8515 PR#8518
  • [Freedisch/Pranav] Components Definitions
  • [Senali] Meshmap-snapshot for link
  • [Mario] [CI] Disable Cypress e2e tests #8543

@Yash_Sharma we referenced your MeshMap Snapshot docs on today’s call. :+1:

Hopefully, @ash-kamrip or Vaibhav Malik will be able to identify a generic method for preventing meshmap snapshot from running on any forked repos.

I think so, is there a github issue referencing this item?

@VaibhavMalik4187 please create one.

Done. Here’s the link:

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@Lee , I’m not sure if that’s entirely possible. a owner of the forked repo would always have full access to the workflows, even if we define a step such a step , it can always be removed/commented out in the fork.

Could you provide more details as to why we don’t want the meshmap snapshot to run in forked repos ?

@ash-kamrip, for my part, I don’t mind in the least if the Snapchat runs in forked repos. That would be just fine. In order for the Snapchat workflow to run, it does require user-specific secrets to be available. So, users that fork the repo will need to supply their own secrets. If memory serves, this would simply be the user’s API token from Layer5 Cloud.

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