Meshery Build and Release call (24th Aug 2023)

August 24th, 2023


  • Pranav Singh, Mario Arriaga, Philip Obiora, Saurabh K Singh, Vaibhav Malik, Senali Dilumika, Swastik Gour, Roshan Goswami, Karthik Ayangar

Standing Agenda:


  • [Vaibhav Malik] Email on failure job fix #8578
  • [Freedisch] Observability for Meshery Playground
  • [Suhail]
  • [Philip] mesheryctl unit testing
  • [Philip/Ashu] Fix for code coverage reporting
  • [Call For Volunteers]
    • Failing: Deploy CNCF Playground / Update Meshery on CNCF playground link
    • Failing End-to-End tests for Meshery Adapters link
  • [Pranav] Fix mesheryctl release issue#8515 PR#8518
  • [Freedisch/Pranav] Components Definitions
  • [Senali] Meshmap-snapshot for link
  • [Mario] [CI] Disable Cypress e2e tests #8543

@Yash_Sharma we referenced your MeshMap Snapshot docs on today’s call. :+1:

Hopefully, @ash-kamrip or Vaibhav Malik will be able to identify a generic method for preventing meshmap snapshot from running on any forked repos.

I think so, is there a github issue referencing this item?

@VaibhavMalik4187 please create one.

Done. Here’s the link:

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@Lee , I’m not sure if that’s entirely possible. a owner of the forked repo would always have full access to the workflows, even if we define a step such a step , it can always be removed/commented out in the fork.

Could you provide more details as to why we don’t want the meshmap snapshot to run in forked repos ?