Meshery Build and Release call (14 Sep 2023)

September 14th, 2023


  • Pranav Singh, Ashu Adhana
  • Kingsley Ifeanyi, Parthib Datta, Abhijeet Gaurav
  • Saurabh Soni, Yash Sharma,Mohith Gadireddy
  • Aryan Sharma, Isaac, Kelechi Apugo,
  • Daniel Kiptoon, Lee Calcote, Philip Obiora, Rex Joshua, Mario Arriaga

Standing Agenda:


  • [Phillip/Aritra] Progress on migrating to Playwright
  • [Call for volunteers]
    • Failing E2E test for all adapters. Example
    • Failing component_updater script. Error log
    • Upgrade other Meshery Components to Go v1.21
  • [] Getting off of Cypress. Migrating to Playwright.
  • [Mario] meshery ui and server / end-to-end github workflow improvements: [CI] e2e test job improvements by MarioArriaga92 · Pull Request #8643 · meshery/meshery · GitHub
  • [Ashu] Identifying source of port conflict (cncf-playground-deploy-meshery.yaml)
  • [Saurabh] Upgrade Meshery Adapters to Go v1.21
    • Upgrade MeshKit to Go v1.21
  • [Lee] [Playground] Increase max file upload size. #8765
  • [Pranav] [bug] Update healthcheck.go #8770
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