Making Commits and Pull request

I was making a commit for an issue and i have made a branch in my forked project repo … I have made commits in that branch… NOW what i have to do … do i have to make those changes on master branch too ?.. How do I push these changes to my branch and make a PULL Request ?

Its always advisable to do commit changes on a seperate branch. No need to worry , just raise a pull request from the new branch itself.
It’ll get merged with the original repo master branch .

Hey @Nakul_B
Thanks for asking this.
Adding to what @Ghat0tkach said:

  • Commit changes to your branch. ( No need to make those changes again on the master branch)
  • Push the branch to your forked repository: git push -u origin <your-branch-name>.
  • Go to your forked repository and you’ll see a option to compare and create a pull request from your branch.

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Thank You @vishalvivekm it was really helpful

@vishalvivekm Its asking for DOC … how do i sign off my commit

Make sure global username and global email do exist
if not , you can add using

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global "[]("

Then after doing your commits ,
git commit -s -m "[Your commit message]"

Your commits would be signed off and itll pass the DCO check