'Make site throwing unwanted error

warn You are trying to configure cleanupIDs which is not part of preset-default.
Try to put it before or after, for example

plugins: [
name: ‘preset-default’,

Hey community, when I ran make site it is stuck here and keeps on throwing the same thing again and again. It is kind of stuck here. Please help.
Note: I had some system isseu which got resolved soon and I had to setup everything from scratch.

@randychilau might have some insight to share.

@Sagar.Singh , its just a warning and doesn’t hinder the start-up of site

Idk but in my system the warning keeps on coming and site build is not completed. I’m waiting from last 1 hour for it to complete.

how bout trying
make clean

The root cause here appears to be due to an invalid config posted in Gatsby’s docs with respect to configuration of svgo and it’s cleanupIds plugin - [MDX] Migration to gatsby-plugin-mdx v4 with fix for onCreatePage trigger issue by randychilau · Pull Request #4585 · layer5io/layer5 · GitHub. This should be fixed now.