Make command does not work while setting up meshery

Make command throws the following error when I try to setup meshery on my windows machine.

I tried installing ‘make’ but it still does not work as expected.

@Devyanshu.Jadon Hello there! Did you try using make on the WSL2? Git Bash is good but most of the time it’s not reliable as it just mimics bash and it’s not a full-fledged bash terminal.

Refer this link for clarity: What's the difference between Git bash and WSL - Stack Overflow

To your query, Git Bash still runs on Windows environment, in which the file paths are same as Windows’ and not Linux based.

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This can also be a golang problem. Do you have golang installed in the right path.?

This doesn’t look like a golang problem from the logs present in the pic. It’s NodeJS

I used WSL as well but it had some permission issues which was not allowing me to make changes to any of the directory.

Share the logs you got in wsl

@Devyanshu.Jadon , I am revisiting this problem you having right now. Have you been able to sort this out or do you still need help?

It did work. Thanks!

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Excellent. Will you kindly mark the appropriate response as the “Solution”?