Looking for Meshmate because I want to apply for this project in LFX mentorship program

Hi, I am Arti Gaund. I am new to Meshry. I want to work on related to frontend of meshry, as I have knowledge of Reactjs, Nextjs, Javascript. I tried to find the issues which i find interesting, but most of them are already assigned. What Should I do ? Can someone please guide me ?
Thank you in advance

Hey @Arti_Gaund Welcome to the Layer :layer5: community! :tada: We’re excited to have you join us. Your background in frontend development and experience with various programming languages will be a great asset here.
Until a MeshMate reaches out, it’s fantastic that you’re diving into the Meshery contributing guide .
Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the community channels or slack. we’re all here to help each other out. Looking forward to seeing your contributions and collaborating with you!