Looking for MeshMate and guidance

Hello! I am seeking a meshmate who can assist me in contributing to an open source project. My interests lie in backend development and DevOps, and I possess a solid understanding of backend languages such as Java and Scala, as well as their use cases. I am eager to expand my knowledge in this area and contribute to meaningful projects and open to new language also.

As I am new to the open source community, I would appreciate any guidance or advice. Although I am unfamiliar with DevOps and cloud technologies, I am eager to learn and explore them while contributing to the community.

Anyone who can help me with this?


That’s great @abhijeetmishra Layer 5 has various projects where you can contribute and help with the backend which you can find here community handbook

To make your first contribution you can start with finding some good-first-issue to work on which matches your skills and then you can ask to assign that issue to you (if it has not already been assigned)

I would highly suggest joining weekly development meetings which will help you to get more knowledge about projects so that you can make good and big impact on projects and in the community (meetings calendar)


Thank you Yash!
Looking forward to the community, onwards and upwards.

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@Yash.Sharma I forked and cloned meshery and completed golang setup also.
What all things/check I have to perform before raising a PR for an issue?

Is there anything else like installing docker and all ?

You are ready @abhijeetmishra to pick up the issue and make PR :wink:

@Yash.Sharma I have assigned an issue but there is no follow up on that.