Looking for a meshmate 😁

Hi this is Amrit Prakash a second year BTech student from IIT Roorkee . I am a beginner frontend developer (React js , material ui ) but have worked with backend technologies(django) and have worked with kubernetes and docker. I am looking forward to contribute in this amazing community and learn equally .

I am really interested in the meshrey playground part .

As i am new to this community i am still figuring out the codebase there are some doubts and thus the urge to connect with you .

Hoping for a reply soon .

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Hi @Amrit.Prakash! Thank you for posting on this topic. I wonder if @AdiKris or @alphaX86 or @Leonard are around and willing to connect.

Have you already attended the newcomers meeting, @Amrit.Prakash?

No i was not able to attend the last one yesterday i will attend the next one for sure

Try joining the Slack, and see if you can get someone to connect with you there.