Looking for a Meshmate ! #MeshmateSearchMission

Hello everyone,

I’m Priyanshi Soni, a newcomer enthusiastic about contributing to Meshery and expanding my skills through open-source projects. My interest lies in front-end development and proficiency in languages like C, C++, and Python. I’m also open to learning new technologies and tech stacks as I consider myself a quick learner.

Currently, I’m looking for a meshmate who can offer guidance and support as I embark on this exciting journey. It would be wonderful to connect with an experienced member of the Meshery community who can share their expertise and help me grow. I’m eager to collaborate, learn, and make valuable contributions together.
Thank you for your consideration and support!

Best regards,
Priyanshi Soni


:meshmate: @Yash.Sharma Would you like to help here?


Hey, Priyanshi welcome to Layer5, There are many projects on which you can work, for that I’ll suggest you join Meshery dev meetings which you can find in this calendar.

Because in dev meetings we discuss projects and you can ask your question regarding the project if you have any so that you can get quick feedback or answer to your question also this is the best place to connect with others too

You can connect with me or any other meshmate at any time by pinging us on public Slack channel

I hope this helps you ^^

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Join us today in the Newcomers meeting at 6:30 PM IST that’s held weekly on every Thursday to get an overview of the projects and the community. You can also ask your questions, we’ll have MeshMates, Community Managers and maintainers on the call, to facilitate you.

Meeting details: https://meet.layer5.io

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Thank you all for your valuable Suggestions !! As you both suggested, I joined today’s meeting as well as the dev meeting on Monday and was able to clear most of my doubts. I’ll make sure to attend all such meetings in the future for continuous feedback. Now I will be able to explore more in the right direction.
Thanks once again.

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Thank you for joining the meeting @Ps1231.
Please feel free to post all your questions here on our community forum, any of the community managers and MeshMates will definitely help you.

Happy contributing!

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