Looking for a MeshMate for guidance on the issue I'm working on :)

Hi! I’m a final year CSE student from Haryana, India. I’m proficient in React, JavaScript, Node, Express and Java. I have previously made small contributions to repos like Angular and Lips. I would love to contribute to Meshery and as such am assigned and working on an issue.
I would appreciate it if a meshmate could provide their guidance for my first contribution.
Thank you!

Hey @Vidhi.Hattar ! Welcome to the Layer5 community! :tada: We’re thrilled to have you on board. Your expertise in frontend development will be invaluable here. While you wait for a MeshMate to reach out, diving into the Meshery contributing guide is a fantastic start. Feel free to ask any questions in our community channels or Slack. we’re here to support each other. Looking forward to your contributions and collaborating with you!