Looking for a MeshMate for Docs Contributions

I’m new here. I need a MeshMate who can guide me with code for Docs. I have an experience of working with Node, React, HTML and CSS. But I need help to understand the code, data flow and swagger to contribute to docs.

Hey @Naureen.Imran have you gone through the community handbook ? You can visit if not and then you can come back if you needed a meshmate

Thank you @Manish_Tyagi. I have seen community handbook. But I don’t understand the Jekyll framework in the docs and how it is displaying data on the documentation page beside markdown text.

Hello @Naureen.Imran, let’s catch up and clear what doubts you have regarding contributing on docs, I will be happy to help.


@Naureen.Imran this video explains how to working with Meshery docs and jekyll.
I think it will help you.

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Thanks for sharing resources @Senali, marking it a s a solution

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