Link Meshery Integrations and Github workflow or local code

While working on features that use Spreadsheet and different sheets in meshery like Component generator workflow that uses Meshery Integrations spreadsheet you can setup your google account to sync with the sheet by following these steps:

1.Create a free google cloud console account .
2.Enable the google sheets api
3.Create a service account from the credentials and give it proper roles.
4.Download the key.It will be a json file that has private key and other details .
5.For github secrets convert to base64 and then add to the secrets
6.To run the code locally just replace the reference of cred of api with the base64 value
7. In your downloaded key for the json you will have an email copy it
8. In the spreadsheet you want to connect tap on share and add the email and give it permission

Ps: Be careful that you change from spreadsheet to google sheet ( I wasted 2 days figuring it out :innocent:)