Lighthouseci check failing on Layer5 PR

This PR addresses the ongoing challenge with the lighthouseci check, which has persistently failed through multiple attempts to add new blog content:

  1. Initially, the content was crafted within the GitHub UI. While one blog passed the checks, the other did not.

  2. Following feedback from the website meet call, two separate blogs were created for each meet-the-maintainer blog. Despite this effort, the lighthouseci check continued to fail.

Screenshot 2024-01-16 202833

  1. In the third attempt, the blogs were created locally, successfully rendering after executing make site approximately twice. However, the subsequent deployments of the website encountered a failure, resulting in the process terminating with the message: make: *** [Makefile:26: site] Error 137.


I have included a reference to the very first PR (closed), the new PR (open).

The goal is to figure out why the check is failing for this PR, but not ones created within the same time frame.

Hi, Thanks for opening this @sandramsc
Reiterating #issuecomment-1894748472, we can ignore lighthouse checks for the time being.
I went ahead and fixed the failing preview-build for your new PR and have requested some changes, please take a look: