[LFX] mentorship

Hello everyone, I am beginner in the domain of open source & am interested to participate in the LFX mentorship program with mehsery. I am curious to know when will the projects for term:Q2 jun-aug will be available from meshery to apply on. Also how should I get started with meshery .
Thank you

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Hey @Ananya_Sharma checkout layer5.io/programs/lfx for more information on this year LFX internships timeline, and how you can apply.

I’ll suggest you to join Layer5 slack and try to engage more in community, join weekly development meetings if you can. This way you will get in touch with other community members and managers which will be good for your candidacy for LFX internships.

Let us know if this helpful, or if you have any other questions

Thank you @Yash.Sharma for such warm welcome & letting me know about the weekly meetings, I checked out https://layer5.io/programs/lfx , it still has only spring projects mentioned , when will the summer projects be announced or updated on the website?
Thank you

Hey @Ananya_Sharma most likely they will get updated next month however we don’t have exact date right now, as I said be updated in community, internship update will get annouce on Slack or other Layer5 social platforms