Layer5 UX Observations

Layer5 UX Observations

Links and normal text should be different visually:

  • Differentiating links from normal text improves usability and user experience.
  • Visual cues help users identify interactive elements and understand their purpose.
  • Consistent visual styling of links builds familiarity and predictability.
  • Clear visual distinction enhances accessibility for users with disabilities.
  • Visual feedback confirms user actions and provides a sense of control.
  • Differentiation aids in content scanning and readability.

There should be a clear indicator on the navbar for which page i have navigated to or which page i am on currently?

  • A navbar indicator shows users their current page or active section.
  • It provides clarity and helps users understand their location within the website or application.
  • Users can easily navigate and track their progress with the indicator.
  • It boosts user confidence by confirming their location and reducing uncertainty.
  • Efficient navigation is enabled as users can directly jump to other sections or pages on the navbar.
  • The indicator aligns with user expectations and familiar design patterns.

There should not be difference in hovering effect in different page of a single website?

  • Consistent hovering effects create visual cohesion throughout the website.
  • Users develop familiarity and expectations based on consistent hovering behavior.
  • A consistent hovering effect encourages user engagement and interaction.
  • It helps maintain branding and design integrity across the website.

List for creating a perfect button within a design system:

  1. Consistent Style: Align with the overall design language.
  2. Button Variants: Define primary, secondary, and more.
  3. Color & Contrast: Match the palette, ensure readability.
  4. Typography: Use system fonts, maintain legibility.
  5. Spacing & Alignment: Follow guidelines, consider responsiveness.
  6. Accessibility: Include focus states, meet contrast standards.
  7. Icon Usage: Define guidelines, maintain consistency.
  8. Interaction States: Clear hover and press effects.
  9. Documentation: Detail usage, styles, code snippets.