Issues with MeshMap Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Management

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I am exploring MeshMap and am particularly interested in its Kubernetes multi-cluster management capabilities. However, I have faced a few issues that I’m hoping to get some help with:

I have added multiple Kubernetes clusters to MeshMap, but I am having intermittent connectivity issues. Sometimes, the clusters show as connected, but other times they appear as disconnected without any clear reason. Has anyone else experienced this, and what steps can I take to ensure consistent connectivity?

When deploying configurations across multiple clusters, I occasionally get deployment errors. The error messages are not very descriptive, making it hard to troubleshoot. Are there common pitfalls or troubleshooting steps I should be aware of to resolve these deployment issues?

I have noticed some performance degradation when managing a large number of clusters and workloads through MeshMap. Are there any recommended best practices for optimizing performance in a multi-cluster setup?

I am trying to leverage some of the 270+ built-in integrations, but a few of them don’t seem to be working as expected. Specifically, I’m having trouble with integrations related to monitoring and logging. Could anyone provide guidance on properly setting up and troubleshooting these integrations?

I have been following the MeshMap documentation but could use some additional advice based on your experiences.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi @anon84352135 :wave:. Thanks for trying out MeshMap and pointing out the issues that you are having trouble with.

Can you describe more about your cluster setup? (minikube, kind, bare metal…?)

Can you paste the deployment error that you are receiving and the application that you are trying to depoy? (Or a gist of it/other sample app?)

For observability, are you using kube-prom-stack integration?

Is the issue related to deployment or more about managing installations/upgrades or configuring them?

Few links that might help you understand and troubleshoot the system better.

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Hello@ MUzairS15

Thanks for your help and the provided links specially guide which is very useful.

I have managed to resolve the issues based on the information provided.

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