Issues labelled/titled/(firstword) [Screenshots]

Starting a thread here for issues labelled/titled/(firstword) [Screenshots] as a reference for contributors working on it now or in the near future.

A good place to start (after reading documentation) is to browse similar issues that have been closed/merged/ or have a PR open with reviews from maintainers stating that the PR “Looks good/LGTM” etc…this will give you a hint on how to solve the issue as they are essentially the same. And consider migrating any further clarifying questions you might have to Slack (or more preferrbly the discussion forum) as well to get feedback from the wider community and to i.e reduce the noise from notifications for maintainers so they can focus on essential tasks :slightly_smiling_face:


Sub categories in the side bar menu not able to simultaneously stay open

Based on previouse feedback on a similar issue, it was suggested that making the sub-category icons (in the sidebar) visible is required.

There must be been an update to Meshmap since then as currently when the dropdown menu of one(1) category in the sidebar menu is clicked, it closes when another category is clicked.

The desired outcome based on previouse feedback as can be inferred in this comment on a PR (view entire PR for overall context if required) is that all sub categories should be visible when a screenshot is taken.

Unable to attach video for more context as format is currently not supported.

Suggestions on how to proceed in this case are welcome.

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Unable to drag and drop designs onto the canvas?

Try to:

  • clone and filter for public designs, then drag and drop

  • import from the catalog, then filter for private designs, then drag and drop


How to access the playground?

Have you sign up for a meshmap account yet? If not then you can do so from here. (see link)
After that someone will grant you access.

Any questions (feel free to open a new thread specific to your issue), feel free to ask.

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Thanks for sharing this @sandramsc

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Resolved by way of feedback clarification - having the subcategory icons displayed is not a requirement for the screenshots.