Issue in setting up Meshery following the Getting Started guide

I was trying to setup Meshery in my local machine.
Following are the steps I followed

  • Install Docker
  • Install minikube
  • Install mesheryctl
  • Run minikube
  • Run meshery

I am getting X-509 certificate - minikube certificate is not standards compliant

Can someone please help me overcome this problem

Please bear with me as I am a newbie.



mesheryctl system config minikube -t ~/Downloads/auth.json

and see how far you get.

Reference: Minikube | Meshery

@Lee have gone this far but meshmap is not loading as its missing that index.js file sir

@Shriram_Madurantakam are you building and running Meshery or are you deploying a released version of Meshery? You requested and were granted access to MeshMap, right?

Logout and back in…

@Lee - I thought of first running the released version in my local to familiarise with Meshery (using mesheryctl) before taking the leap of building it from source.

As per your suggestion, I logged out and logged in and was able to view the MeshMap option in the UI.

Thanks @Lee for your reply. I am able to proceed further.

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i have been able to run MeshMap extension in my local
i have deployed a basic echo server in meshery and am viewing it in mesh map.

However i tried running cubefs in my local but the master,data and meta nodes dont seem to start up
Can you please provide some guidance?