Issue in deploy the prometheus_on_kubernetes using meshery , iam facing issue of missing k8's handler

iam facing issue of missing k8’s handler ,

but i think handler is already in provided .

@Deepak_Reddy thanks for raising this up. At the time of attempting this deployment, do you have Meshery connected to an active and accessible Kubernetes cluster? // @Shubham_Pandey

As @Lee mentioned, @Deepak_Reddy please check whether Meshery has access to a running k8s cluster

Update- @Lee @Shubham_Pandey Thanks for your reply , issue got resolved ,yes cluster is in connected and able access while doing deployment . i just undeployed and deployed it again .the issue of missing k8’s handler got resolved .

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Thanks much for reporting back. This is just great to hear, @Deepak_Reddy.