[Implementation] New page for brand resources

Hi, I am working on this issue:

Where do I get the resources mentioned for Meshery ?

Hi @shourya2002-geek,

As @Ritik.Saxena mentioned here

you can find some meshery assets from layer5 brand page.

Hi, I was trying to setup the meshery.io website locally (Intel Macbook Air 2020, macOS Sonoma V14). I sucessfully installed jekyll, but facing this issue:

Hey @shourya2002-geek, The reason you are getting this error is that meshery.io uses ruby 3.2.2 and Jekyll 4.3.3. As macOS already comes with ruby 3.2.0, you can use any ruby version manager rbenv or rvm. you can follow these steps using rbenv:

  1. Install rbenv: If you don’t have rbenv installed, you can install it using a package manager like Homebrew. Open a terminal and run:

brew install rbenv

  1. Initialize rbenv and Set Ruby Version: In the Meshery.io repository, initialize rbenv and set the Ruby version to 3.2.2:

eval "$(rbenv init -)"
rbenv global 3.2.2
rbenv local 3.2.2

  1. Install Jekyll 4.3.3: Install Jekyll version 4.3.3 using gem:

gem install jekyll -v 4.3.3

  1. Build the Site: Once rbenv and Jekyll are set up, you can build the Meshery.io site:

make site

Hi @Yash_Sharma , I had installed rbenv and then jekyll as well. But while running make site , it says that Could not find gem 'jekyll (= 4.3.3)' in locally installed gems..

Hey @shourya2002-geek, According to your logs, the current Ruby version is 3.2.0. Please switch to version 3.2.2 as it’s the recommended version for Meshery. If you continue to encounter issues after updating, feel free to message me on Slack.