I'm Looking for a Meshmate

Hi, I am looking for a meshmate to guide me through the projects and help me understand them so I become comfortable contributing to them. Also to guide me on what tech stack I need to learn and others.

Hi @Mohith_Gadireddy, Thank you for reaching out for a MeshMate. To better match you with a MeshMate, it would be helpful if you could share more about your interests and the areas in which you feel more comfortable.
To get started you can go through the community handbook to see list of projects that you can contribute and the required skills. Also the Newcomers call, held every Thursday at 6:30 PM IST, is a great opportunity to get an overview of the projects and the community. Be sure to join us this week: https://layer5.io/community/calendar.

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I am comfortable with web development and also I’m interested in Cloud and DevOps [Currently Learning]. I have experience working with MERN Stack and Tailwind CSS.

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Good :clap:
I’ll let @Yash.Sharma answer this.
Also don’t forget to attend Newcomers meet on Thursday this week :wink:

Hey @Mohith_Gadireddy I think I know you from Twitter you are the person with h in his name I remember it :joy: , if you are not forget it :slight_smile:

Though have you joined today’s newcomer’s call if yes great if not no worries do reach out to me or anyone in community if you have any question

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