I'm currently looking for a meshmate

Hello. I am Saurav Kumar. I am a MERN Stack developer. I would like to work on some projects but I am not sure. So, I would like a meshmate to help me out.

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Hi @sauravk7 :wave:
Welcome to the Layer :layer5: community and thank you for reaching out for a :meshmate: MeshMate.
To better match you with a MeshMate, it would be helpful if you could share more about your interests and the areas in which you feel more comfortable.
To begin, you can go through the community handbook to get familiar with different aspects of the community and projects that you can contribute to.
Fill out the newcomers’ form to gain access to resources in the form of a shared community drive and subscribe to the community calendar for meeting updates.

Tagging our Meshmates too @Yash.Sharma @Naureen.Imran

I have some background in MERN (Mongo DB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) stack, Next.js, react-query. Languages that I am familiar with are C, C++, Java, Python, Typescript. Also, I have some familiarity with docker. Currently I want to work on the frontend and later on want to learn golang to handle the backend.

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Hi @sauravk7
Join us today in the Newcomers meeting at 6:30 PM IST that’s held weekly on every Thursday to get an overview of the projects and the community. You can also ask any questions that you want to, we’ll have MeshMates, Community Managers and maintainers to facilitate you.

Meeting details: https://meet.layer5.io