I want to contribute as a gsoc in Meshery and looking for guidance

Please help i am beginner i want to contribute so bad as a web developer

Hey there @Parv ! Welcome to the :layer5: community! :tada: If you’re lost in the digital jungle, fear not! Our treasure map lies at https://docs.meshery.io/ - it’s like the X marking the spot! And hey, don’t be shy to pop into Slack and say hi! There’s a whole crew of friendly faces ready to welcome you aboard! Oh, and don’t forget to hit that big, shiny yellow button on the calendar page - it’s practically begging for a click! :wink: Cheers to diving into the meshy madness with us! :rocket:

Hey @Parv did you got chance to join today’s meet of meshery dev if not tomorrow is newcomers meet at 6:30pm IST . Meanwhile as Yash suggested go through docs and try to setup the projects and try to join each meeting as this will help to contribute