I recently joined the Meshery community and I'm interested in finding a Meshmate to collaborate with

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Harnoor Singh, and I am a software developer with expertise in Java programming language. Additionally, I possess intermediate level proficiency in JavaScript. I am thrilled to be a part of this community and eager to contribute my skills but I am new to open source and really finding it difficult to make my first PR. I am looking for a Meshmate to help me out and guide me on where to start.

Hey @Harnoor.singh welcome to Layer5 Let’s first start finding good issues for that I’ll recommend you clone and run Meshery or any Layer5 project in which you are interested or project that lined with your skills and give yourself a tour of that and then you can start finding issue with good-first-issue and ask for assignment if it was not already assigned

Now you are good to go to create your PR and I’ll recommend you join the weekly Meshery Dev call on Wednesday you can see all Dev calls in this (Calender) this will make this above process fast and you will be able to merge your first PR

Remember at first it is always hard but believe me as you will engage in the community this process will become more fun and full of learning

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