I need a MeshMate :)

Hello everyone, this is Arun karthick N M. I’ve been contributed to few CNCF projects before, which includes Meshery, Layer5 and Glossary in both code and non-code ways. I want to do more and need guidance and support from the MeshMates. Please help me out :slight_smile:

// @Yash.Sharma @Naureen.Imran

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Hi @arunkarthicknm :wave:
Welcome to the Layer :layer5: community and thank you for reaching out for a :meshmate: MeshMate.
To better match you with a MeshMate, it would be helpful if you could share more about your interests and the areas in which you feel more comfortable.
To begin, you can go through the community handbook to get familiar with different aspects of the community and projects that you can contribute to.
Fill out the newcomers’ form to gain access to resources in the form of a shared community drive and subscribe to the community calendar for meeting updates.

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Thank you @vishalvivekm @abhijeetgauravm :grinning::blush:

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Welcome @arunkarthicknm , @vishalvivekm provided a good amount of resources for you to explore, feel free to ping me or any other meshmate on slack or here.

I’ll also suggest you to join tomorrow’s newcomers meeting to ask your doubts or to learn more about Layer5

meetings links are in community calender which Vivek provided