I need a Meshmate to guilde me through setting up

Hi! I joined the the community last week and i am currently working on an issue in MesheryUI. Please i need a meshmate to guild me through setting up.

Hi @laviedegeorge Welcome to community, you can follow this for meshery setup.

Feel free to ask your question here.
Happy Learning :grinning:

@parth721 thank you. Can i also use this because I started using it already.

@parth721 Please i think i am lost in the process. I am very new to docker/kube. And i really don’t know where to start from. Is it possible to get a “hand guided” process? Also, if you are open to a call, that would be perfect.

Hi @laviedegeorge, I am also relatively new to Meshery. It would be better if you seek guidance from Meshmates on Slack or post your issues here. Community members will help you out.

ok thank you @parth721 . I thought you were a meshmate.