I joined Meshery today seeking meshmate to guide and understanding the projects codebase

Hello everyone, I am Raunak, i very much excited to contribute with Meshery. I looking forward to peer up with member to learn from them. I have experienced in MERN stack developement.

Hi @raunakscarlet , Welcome to the Layer5 Community, Thank you for the introduction.
Until a MeshMate pairs up with you to offer their guidance, I’d highly recommend referring to the community handbook to get familiar with different aspects of the community and projects. If you’ve not yet, fill out the newcomers’ form to gain access to resources in the form of a shared community drive ( you’ll find documentation around each Project’s architecture in their respective folders ) and Don’t forget to attend newcomers meet, that’s held every Thursday, subscribe to the community calendar for meeting updates. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you may have here on discuss forum.

//@Yash.Sharma @Naureen.Imran

Thank you so much @abhijeetgauravm for filling in. @raunakscarlet you have made a great decision toward a rewarding career in the open source ecosystem. To get started, you can go to the Meshery repository and then do the following

  • Star the repository
  • Fork and then clone the repository
  • Look for the list of issues you feel comfortable with to solve and ask to be assigned if it hasn’t been assigned to any other contributors
  • Once you are assigned, go ahead and start working on it and create a PR once you have a solution to avoid the issue being reassigned to a more active contributor.
  • Ask questions here is you get stuck. You can also discuss a possible solution and other contributors can help you look into it.

Lastly, like @abhijeetgauravm pointed out, go through the community handbook to get familiar with the community projects that suits your skillset.

Feel free to reach out to me on Slack // @KC

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