I joined Meshery Community today and wanted to get to know the community and projects and I am looking for a meshmate to colloborate with

Hello Everyone!! I’m Shaman SR and I joined this community today and wanted to get to know about the community and projects so that I can contribute with the help of a meshmate. I am an Anroid Developer and wanted to learn backend I have a prior experience in Python, Java, Kotlin, Docker and some knowledge on golang. I would love to contribute to backend services and improve my skills and knowledge and would be thrilled to be a part of this wonderful community.

Welcome to the community @Shaman_SR . Thank you for introducing yourself. The weekly Newcomers meeting, held every Thursday, offers an overview of the community and projects. It’s an ideal place to start: https://layer5.io/community/calendar.

Until a MeshMate pairs up with you to offer their guidance, I highly recommend referring to the community handbook to get familiar with different aspects of the community and projects. Fill out the newcomers’ form to gain access to resources in the form of a shared community drive and subscribe to the community calendar for meeting updates. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you may have here on discuss forum.

// @Leonard @Yash.Sharma @Chadha93 @AdiKris


Thank you so much for having me @vishalvivekm