I am unable to run meshery on Ubuntu terminal

The first error is occuring while installing docker-compose. Can you verify if it is installed correctly or not?

I am quite new to Ubuntu. How to verify that docker-compose is installed ?

you need to install minikube on your machine in order to run a cluster locally then mesheryctl will be able to access cluster config file from ~/.kube/config, as error states.

Can you show the output of following commands

  • which docker
  • which docker-compose

Can you pls explain what’s your aim like developing meshery or deploying it . I think you are going on wrong path

My aim iis to develop a design on meshery

Do you want to run meshery locally ?

yes. i want to run it locally on my ubuntu sytem.

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Ok clone the meshery git repo , then go into the directory and read the Readme.md file there are command by command instructions which will get you up and running .

I have done that. I have been following all the links related to meshery installation guide.

Apologies but by any chance is it related to LFX mentorship? If yes then you’re supposed to publish a design using meshery playground :sweat_smile:

yes it is related to LFX mentorship. I have got the access to meshery playground a few days back. but now i am unable to login to the playground.
Can you tell me what might be the issue ?

Youre supposed to login to https://meshery.layer5.io/ , and then use meshmap to create and publish your designs

Okay. Is there any tutorial on how to create designs ?

Here you go
MeshMap Designer Walk-Through - YouTube

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Cheers gents @Ghat0tkach @Aabid.Sofi @HarshDobariya79 @Zaki_Shaikh for helping over here!

@SHREYA_GUPTA please let us know if you need any further assistance. We will be more than happy to resolve it to the soonest!

We definitely do.

After you get into the playground, there are two ways to create design and publish it.

  1. Configuration - Design.
  2. Meshery Extension.

There is also a docs with tutorial about on how to publish your first design to Meshery catalog:
Publishing a Design | Meshery