I am trying to run meshery with Docker using `` curl -L https://meshery.io/install | PLATFORM=docker bash - `` using this command but facing below error

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It seems that you might be having a bit of network trouble. Try accessing this URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/meshery/meshery/v0.6.65/install/docker/docker-compose.yaml. The script as it is running on your local machine wasn’t able to download this file.

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I had the exact same issue as well, what worked for me was, I tried it with docker desktop first (It didn’t work)and then I used the docker engine, then it did work.

@sshiv5768 can you confirm if the provided suggestions work for you so that we can mark it as a solution for the issue!!

@Santosh_Sankranthi_v_s_a thanks for chiming in and sharing your experience. In terms of Docker Desktop, the Meshery extension is ideal - https://layer5.io/docker-extension-meshery