How to Set Up Meshery πŸ“–

Hello everyone ,
The much-awaited topic on " How to set up Meshery :heart_eyes: " is live on our Youtube channel. This is a topic where many of us get stuck as a newbie and face a nightmare. But now we have a solution for it :confetti_ball: and the link is given below :point_down:. So what are you waiting for let’s have our Meshery up and running :muscle:

Setting Up Meshery Youtube Link

This is a great walk-through BTW! But I guess for this one, it’d be much great if Timestamps are present in the vid, that’s my suggestion :slight_smile: Other than that, great vid on setting up Meshery

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It was much need for newcomers like me. Thanks.


We might want to consider adding this resource to the list of tutorials on the Newcomers page -