How to remove the unnecessary deployments from meshery namespace

Hi Team,

Currently I see when installing meshery in my K8S cluster ,I see there are other servishmesh deployment get installed. So is there a way to remove all the unnecessary servicemesh deployment.

for example in the below i want to remove all other mesh deployment apart from Istio

deployment.apps/meshery                1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-consul         1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-cpx            1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-istio          1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-kuma           1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-linkerd        1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-meshsync       1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-nsm            1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-operator       1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-osm            1/1     1            1           2d12h
deployment.apps/meshery-traefik-mesh   1/1     1            1           2d12h

Hi @samirparhi-dev,

Here is what you can do to only deploy istio adapter and not the others.

  1. go to your config.yaml used for deploying meshery using meshery cli
  2. Modify the context which is deployed and remove the names of the adapters from it and only keep meshery-istio in your case.
  3. Then you can follow up with mesheryctl system update.

This would update your cluster based off the latest config you made for the context. It will remove the other adapters as well as redeploying meshery would only make up meshery-istio and not the other adapters.

By default all the meshery adapters are deployed to the cluster