How to push changes to remote repository

when I try to run command “git push -u origin featture” then this error comes

you have any idea how to resolve this issue
shashank@LAPTOP-90JG9OFJ:~/layer5$ git push -u origin feature
Username for ‘’: Shashank2104125
Password for ‘’:
remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021.
remote: Please see About remote repositories - GitHub Docs for information on currently recommended modes of authentication.
fatal: Authentication failed for ‘GitHub - Shashank2104125/layer5: Layer5, expect more from your infrastructure

The error message you received indicates that password authentication is no longer supported for Git operations on GitHub since August 13, 2021. Instead, GitHub now requires the use of personal access tokens or SSH keys for authentication. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to generate a personal access token and use it in place of your GitHub password.

Here’s how you can resolve the issue:

  1. Generate a Personal Access Token:

    • Go to your GitHub account settings (Sign in to GitHub · GitHub).
    • Click on “Developer settings” from the left-hand sidebar.
    • In the “Personal access tokens” section, click on “Generate new token.”
    • Follow the instructions to create a new personal access token. When prompted, give the token the appropriate permissions you need (e.g., repo for accessing repositories).
    • Copy the generated personal access token to your clipboard.
  2. Update Git Remote URL:

    • Open your terminal or command prompt.
    • Navigate to the root directory of your local Git repository (the layer5 directory in your case).
  3. Update the remote URL with the new token:
    Use the following command to update the remote URL for the origin repository with the generated personal access token:

    git remote set-url origin https://<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME>:<YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN>

    Replace <YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME> with your GitHub username and <YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN> with the personal access token you generated in step 1. Note that you should not include the angle brackets (<>).

  4. Push to the Repository:
    Now, try to push your code again:

    git push -u origin feature

    You may be prompted to enter your GitHub username, but you won’t need to enter the password anymore. Instead, use the personal access token you generated in step 1 as the password.

This should resolve the authentication issue, and you should be able to push your changes to the feature branch on the remote origin repository.

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