How to navigate from Meshery Dashboard to Cloud

I set up Meshery in my local environment but am facing issues as I can’t navigate from the dashboard to the Meshery Cloud. It would be great if anyone could help.

Want to go here -

From here -

Meshery previously had a direct integration of the Cloud and your Meshery user profile in which you can click on your avatar and choose from items on the menu to open some local Cloud screens inside of Meshery and also choose to navigate to Cloud. Those have been removed in recent releases with the notion that they might return.

In the meantime, you can point. your browser to to reach Cloud.

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That means I can’t contribute to the cloud as of now, right?

No, it doesn’t. That’s not what you asked either.

If you’re asking to contribute to Cloud, yes, there are many contributors in the community that participate in the Cloud project. That project is an invite-only project. I’d love to see you be invited. People are frequently invited to contribute to the Cloud project (and other invite-only project) and to participate on the core team. Individuals are invited once they have demonstrated a consistent level of impactful engagement on any one of the other projects. Again, I hope that this is you very shortly. Here’s a search spanning our five GitHub orgs for issues labeled with “help wanted”. Please don’t be shy.

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