How to deploy a sample app in Meshery playground

Hello everyone, I hope it’s okay to ask some basic questions. I find myself in the Meshery playground and am struggling with deploying and understanding the environment. I have a Flask microservice app that I’d like to deploy, and its image can be found here: Docker. If anyone could kindly guide me on deploying a sample app in the Meshery playground, I would greatly appreciate it.
You can find the app here: GitHub - kantancoding/microservices-python

Hi Chirag, of course it’s okay to ask questions (basic or not).

Regarding your question, I think you’ll find this resource helpful.

Check this too: Creating a Meshery Design | Meshery. Specifically no. 3 under the heading “Importing published designs”.

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Hi @ChiragBiradar any update on your inquiry, did you manage?