How to create/add a design spec or any other community document in shared community drive

First make sure you’ve filled the Newcomers form to have access to the community drive. Individuals who have been members of the community and have been consistently engaging are granted write permission.

  1. Create a copy of the appropriate document template available in the Template folder:

  1. Rename the new document with an appropriate title. If necessary, create a new folder, especially if there will be other assets (e.g., architecture diagrams) accompanying the spec.

  2. Update the header with the new document title and add all the content.

  3. Contact the MeshMates / Community Managers to move the document to the appropriate location, such as the Project’s design specs folder or the community’s proposal folder.

Find the guide on using the document template here

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I didnt knew about this :scream_cat:
It is a delightful testament to the Layer5 community’s attentiveness to both its users and contributors.
We actively listen to feedback from both groups and are committed to making necessary changes based on that feedback.

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