How to contribute as a newcomer?

Hello everyone!!

I want to contribute to Meshery. For that I learnt Go and made some projects and I have Kubernetes and Cloud native knowledge.

Then i browsed through the Github Issues of Meshery and almost all are alotted to someone else. So i was hoping if anyone has any idea about issues that can be good for a newcomer like me??

Hi – @Ayush.Gupta Welcome to Layer5 community. :wave:
That’s great you are learning the technology stack which is required to contribute to our company.

I would suggest you to go upfront, setup the projects, try to understand codebase, see with your creativity that can you suggest us anything which can enhance the project? If yes, feel free to drop the proposal in the respective channel. After the approval from managers or members you can go ahead and raise an issue ticket.

Second thing which you can do to get assigned with the task is to regularly start attending meetings. We do announce and ask for volunteering work in the meeting. You can ask in the call itself and we can assign you.

Third thing you can do is to review some PRs, help in the community, make new connections, that do count as your contribution to us.

Feel free to fire up any follow up questions.

Happy contributing with Layer5

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