How get started with Meshery

hello everyone, myself Aditi Goyal I wanted to start contributing to Meshery and seeking guidance on how to get started I also want to Run Meshery. & Run an adapter and install a service mesh please guide me so I could start working on it.


The quickest way to get going is using mesheryctl system start -p kubernetes command. Make sure you have a kubernetes cluster running for this. Once Meshery pod starts, you will be redirected to the login page and then the dashboard. From there, you can easily navigate to “Lifecyle” and quickly deploy any of the service meshes.

If you are aiming to deploy things locally in order to contribute, then make sure to build ui using the make command make setup-ui-libs make provider-ui and make meshery-ui and then run make server to run Meshery. Make sure you have go1.19.1 installed for this.
Then you can checkout any of the adapter repo and just run DEBUG=true go run main.go there. If you’re running things locally, your local Meshery server will automatically detect the adapter. From here on, steps remain the same - Navigate to the dashboard and to the “Lifecycle” option.
We have a bunch of other ways to deploy service mesh using designs that you will find under “Configuration>Design”. Since “Lifecycle” is the quickest way to deploy a service mesh, a newbie can make use of that before they move onto designs.
I hope this answered your question.

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As of now all this is very new to I am a full stack developer so just download the javascript-tagged GitHub repositories and start contributing it i download the zip folder and then run it in vs code actually really very new to all these

@aditi5050 if you are going for setting up meshery ui then make sure to run the make commands from the root and not by going in any of the directory.

A brief overview is :-
For ui you will find files under the meshery/ui directory
For command line tool we have meshery/mesheryctl
Pretty self explanatory but depending on the issue and purpose, you can make changes to the files.