How do I connect meshery to Grafana?

I have grafana running locally as well as a grafana cloud account. How do I go about connecting these with meshery ?

Please go to settings page and navigate to Metrics subsection.

Then select the available IP addresses from the list available.
Meshery is smart enough to automatically discern the available Prometheus and Grafana connections.

Though I wonder, If running locally means you are running in a local k8s cluster?

Would you please give more info about your configuration and deployment type?

I have grafana running on localhost

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Which is to say that you’re not running Grafana in Kubernetes?

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Yes, I’m not running Grafana on Kubernetes. I will try doing so.

Grafana doesn’t have to be running on Kubernetes for Meshery to connect. Ensure that Meshery has network connectivity to your Grafana instance, then enter the URL of your Grafana instance (e.g. http://localhost:3000).

The field for entering the URL to connect with Grafana instance is a select. Hence I’m unable to enter a URL. How would I ensure that Meshery has network connectivity to my Grafana instance ? Video Link