Hint on Scaling & Verifying Cronjob in Playground

Currently working on completing the Exploring Kubernetes CronJobs with Meshery Playground tutorial. Encountered a challenge regarding the navigation of Views and filters within MeshMap Visualizer, as well as Designs and components in MeshMap Designer, to effectively demonstrate the process of (step4) Scaling & (step5) Verifying a Cronjob within the Playground environment.
Some useful hints on how to navigate this will be appreciated.

I have tried:

  • Accessing the visualizer tab
  • Selecting the cronjob icon under the “details” section in the right panel

However, I remain uncertain about the subsequent steps required to fullfill the anticipated objectives.

Is this your design @sandramsc ?
When you navigated to Visualiser, was this CronJob not available?

Though, I will test if this issue if there’s an MeshSync issue.
Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 7.39.46 PM

Hi, yes, well partially. I created the backup-cronjob, but couldn’t figure out why the second one, the default my-cron-job component is there, or how to remove it!

When I navigated to visualizer that double cron-job was there…but I only configured the backup conjob, the second one shouldn’t be there.

Do you mind sharing a link to this design?

@Lee The link to the Backup CronJob design, referenced in the above query.