Help Needed : Integrating Data using GraphQL for Use Cases Page

Hey Everyone, I was working on creating the Use Cases Page, and I have already completed the structure and the frontend part.
But now I need to integrate data using GraphQL but I don’t know how to proceed with it. So, I would appreciate some help with this.
If anyone can point me to the next steps to follow, I can then continue to work on this.

Thanks! ^^

done: fetch-data-using-query · layer5io/layer5@6aa5971 · GitHub

To dynamically extract the data, I’ve initialised a new collection use-cases , where we can keep all the metadata of use-cases as well as the supported-platforms and then dynamically fetch those wherever we want, using GraphQL.

This way when we’ll have more supported platforms and use-cases, we just can add them to the collection, specify the required metadata and be in good shape.

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