Help me find a Meshmate

Hi All,
I am Harsh, 3rd year CSE student from India,
I am a DevOps Enthusiast,
I have experience as a Freelancer building CI/CD Pipelines and configuring servers and K8s clusters.
I have built Github Action Plugins, and Microservices around K8s, and also worked on building SLIs and Custom Observability Suites.
I have worked with automating Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform.
I am currently exploring IaC and Monitoring.

I got in touch over Slack and am trying to work on docs around Monitoring Meshery.
I am searching for a Meshmate who is experienced with Observability and Infrastructure.

Checkout my github:-

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Hi @Harsh.Mishra, Thank you for the introduction.
Until a MeshMate pairs up with you to offer their guidance, I’d highly recommend referring to the community handbook to get familiar with different aspects of the community and projects. If you’ve not yet, fill out the newcomers’ form to gain access to resources in the form of a shared community drive ( you’ll find documentation around each Project’s architecture in their respective folders ) and subscribe to the community calendar for meeting updates. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you may have here on discuss forum.

// @AdiKris @Yash.Sharma

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