Helm Based Meshery deployment on EKS with Istio

Hi, I was trying to install Meshery on AWS EKS. We are using Istio as Service Mesh in our cluster. I wanted to know if

  • it is possible to install Meshery in a K8s cluster where Istio is already configured

  • Is there any documentation explaining the values.yaml file for Meshery Helm Chart

  • If I already have a Load Balancer created in my EKS as my Istio Ingress Gateway, Can I use it to host Meshery UI?

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Hello Kuldeep.

  • To ensure, your meshery installation works fine inside the EKS cluster with Istio running as a Service Mesh, you need to override some default helm values.

    PROVIDER: Meshery, Providers offer points of extension to users/integrators to deliver enhanced functionality. A specific provider can be enforced in a Meshery instance by passing the name of the provider with the env variable PROVIDER.

    MESHERY_SERVER_CALLBACK_URL: <The host on which Meshery is exposed>/api/user/token, The OAuth callback URL used by the Provider for issuing a session.
    Refer Extensibility Providers for more details about providers in Meshery.

  • The set of all configurable options for helm are listed in the Helm Readme.

  • Here’s an example to set up Meshery behind Istio Gateway. https://github.com/meshery/meshery/blob/master/install/deployment_yamls/istio.yaml.

Hope, this solves your problem. Let us know if you face any difficulties along the path.


@kuldeep, did these answers help? Would any more information be helpful? Let us know if your installation has been successful.

Hi @kuldeep ,
Just checking in to see if you’ve had a chance to complete the installation. Please let us know, if you need any further assistance or have feedback.