Hello Meshery Community

Hey everybody, I’m Ananya Gautam. I learned about the Meshery Project while browsing the CNCF landscape after researching Service Meshes. As soon as I joined Layer5 Slack, it became apparent that this community is composed of passionate individuals eager to share their knowledge, lend a helping hand, and foster an inclusive environment for newcomers like myself. Having experienced such openness, I am excited to contribute to the Meshery Project as soon as possible.
However, it will take me some time to get acquainted with all the code there is. I did get some idea about the Mehsery website by watching the building process on youtube, and while I am reasonably proficient in website development. I would like to get my hands dirty with the Meshery project itself. Obviously, this process can be made much more enjoyable with the help of a MeshMate. So please guide me regarding the same. Some of the Cloud Native tools I am familiar with include Docker, Kubernetes, Minikube, Linkerd, and Golang; mark this as my starting point.

Welcome to the community @Boombag0607.
Such a nice introduction. :sunglasses:

We have a newcomer’s meeting tomorrow, which I suggest you join to deep dive into community and projects.
Check out this page - https://layer5.io/community/newcomers.
Subscribe to the calendar - https://layer5.io/community/calendar.