Heating issue 🔥

When I start my docker & k8s and start meshery from terminal with mesheryctl system start within 30 mins my pc heat-up🔥.

I am trying to write write docs that help others with meshery commands … But I can’t run my pc for for more than 1 hour continuously.

Is there any way which fix this?

As an user nobody likes to stop their work in between.

Os : zorin 16.3 (linux)
App: docker desktop
Pc : laptop

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@parth721 which k8s local development solution are you using minikube or kind or k3s?

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I just enable kubernetes form docker desktop → settings

My personal preference and what I have noticed is:
docker-desktop performs really bad in linux, even good systems suffer from issues.

So run docker as is in linux would be my suggestion.


For kubernetes, you can use minikube or kinD.


thanks @Zaki_Shaikh @Abhi , Now I am using minikube for k8s

hey @Abhi, for k8s which one, you are using
minkube or kinD ?

with minikube when I start meshery with mesheryctl system start then instead of 9081 port, some random port gets allocated. Have you faced such thing earlier ?